Changements :
– Fixed some issues causing compilation errors on gcc 4.7.x.
– Conditionalize the compilation of shared hardware emulation components(such as 68K, Z80, YM2612, etc. emulators) based on what emulation modules are being compiled in, since support for loading external emulation modules never went anywhere, and if we do eventually add support for it, the exported symbols won’t include the common specific hardware emulation components.
– Fixed some code causing compiler errors with clang 3.4.0.
– Fixed broken loading of save states made with 0.9.37+ on big-endian platforms(0.9.37 regression).
– fflush() before fstat() on the underlying file descriptor in FileStream::size() if the stream is open for writing.
– Added zlib type-size sanity tests to tests.cpp
– _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE and _LARGEFILE_SOURCE are now defined to « 1 » in config.h, for zlib purposes.
– PSX: Avoid undefined behavior(that wasn’t currently causing any problems) in the CPU core.
– PSX: Clamp final SPU output samples(before volume adjustment and resampling) properly; lack of it wasn’t causing any problems per-se, but it could have been an issue in the future.
– GB: Load GBC custom palette from « gbc.pal », not « gb.pal »(0.9.37 regression).


  • Added new netplay commands « /list » and « /gamekey ».
  • Rewrote save state rewinding code to be cleaner, and less CPU-intensive when used with systems with large save states like PC-FX and PS1.
  • Changed the input-recording movie(via Shift+F5) format
  • GB, GBA, MD, VB, SNES, WonderSwan: Save-game nonvolatile memory files are no longer written gzip-compressed.
  • MD: Added emulation of the EA 4-Way Play multitap adapter.
  • MD: Added emulation of the Sega Team Player multitap adapter.
  • MD: Added working Mega Mouse emulation.
  • NES: Added support for custom palettes with 512 colors(for de-emphasis bits colors).
  • NES: Custom palette loading with PAL emulation now loads from file « nes-pal.pal » instead of file « nes.pal ».
  • NGP: Removed various per-game ROM patches by fixing the underlying issues.
  • PCE, PC-FX, PS1: Fixed subtly-crackling-sound problem when save state-rewinding.
  • SMS, GG: Added support for custom palettes.
  • PS1: Reworked disc detection and region detection heuristics to pick up more homebrew PS1 games.
  • PS1: Error-out when using a known bad BIOS, or a BIOS from the wrong region.
  • PS1: Fixed reverb versus main volume levels; fixes excessive reverb problem in some places in « WipEout ».
  • PS1: Increased sound output volume by about 3.5dB.
  • PS1: Tweaked Justifier lightgun emulation to fix unreliable horizontal shot positioning in « Elemental Gearbolt ».
  • PS1: Added GPU cache emulation; fixes the engine heat effect in « F1 2000″, and mostly fixes the flickering graphics problem in the map screen of « Tactics Ogre ».
  • PS1: Fixed broken emulation of an esoteric CDC feature that was causing an assert() to trigger under specific circumstances; fixes an abort with « Rockman 8″ when letting the intro FMV play all the way through.
  • PS1: Fixed some precision-related issues in the triangle rendering code; fixes 3D model flickering at three points in « Final Fantasy 8″.
  • PS1: Added a rough simulation of a borderline-unstable CDC behavior to fix major problems with « Bedlam » and « Rise 2″.




  1. 表示PSX核心还是不如epsxe,比如射雕英雄传,最终幻想8汉化版,不能玩,我手机总共才6个PSX游戏。。。。

      1. 改装RetroAaro了……虽然RETRO用的核也有Mednafen。


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