MAME 0.151




MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05353: [Misc.] (at.c) at586 is able to boot from CDROM/ISO but
  not Hard Drive/CHD. (smf)
- 05351: [Crash/Freeze] (berzerk.c) frenzy: Your guy and other 
  sprites freeze random during game play. (hap)
- 05343: [DIP/Input] (hornet.c) gradius4: Game always starts 
  with 1 Credit inserted (hap)
- 05346: [Core] (ksys573.c) darkhleg, powyakex, konam80s and 
  clones: Games say "Now Loading" and hardware fails (smf)
- 05321: [Graphics] (darius.c) darius.c,ninjaw.c,tx1.c: triple 
  screen always gapped only in fullscreen (hap)
- 05324: [Graphics] (cubeqst.c) cubeqst, mach3, usvsthem and 
  clones: There's a blank screen in certain places in the video (hap)
- 05332: [Graphics] Multiple Systems: Backdrop displayed in front of 
  screen in multiple drivers (hap)
- 05309: [Graphics] Many systems that use multiple screens: Only one
  screen shown when using multi-screen games with an overlay effect 
  enabled in Game Properties. (hap)
- 05322: [Graphics] (m92.c) majtitl2, majtitl2j, skingame, skingame2:
  Screen offsets when entering player 3 and player 4 (Angelo Salese)
- 05341: [Sound] (taito_f3.c) qtheater: No sound and very slow (Angelo Salese)
- 05340: [Crash/Freeze] (konamigq.c) cryptklr: can't get past the
  RAM/ROM Check. (smf)
- 00489: [Graphics] (holeland.c) holeland: a problem with 
  monsters in the intro. (Angelo Salese)
- 05142: [Crash/Freeze] (subsino.c) mtrainnv: Exception shortly 
  after start (Angelo Salese)
- 00423: [Core] (deco_mlc.c) hoops96: If you press the F2 key, the 
  game crashes. (It resets as of 0.123u3) (Angelo Salese)
- 05240: [Crash/Freeze] (deco_mlc.c) ddream95, hoops95, hoops96, stadhr96, 
  stadhr96j: [debug] Assertion failed: vpos >= 0, file src\emu\screen.c, 
  line 711 (Angelo Salese)
- 05335: [Core] (dbz.c) All sets in dbz.c: Warning: k053252 read 0e, 
  contact MAMEdev pops up on screen (Angelo Salese)
- 04731: [Core] (mystwarr.c) viostorm and clones: Warning: k053252 
  read 0e, contact MAMEdev (Angelo Salese)
- 05216: [Crash/Freeze] (taitogn.c) zooo: Complete a line of animals 
  and the game will reset (smf)
- 04484: [Misc.] (konamigx.c) rushhero: tms57002: sfmr - 
  Contact Mamedev (Phil Bennett)
- 05320: [DIP/Input] (deco_mlc.c) ddream95, hoops95, hoops96: 
  Missing inputs for Player 3 and Player 4 (Osso)
- 05327: [DIP/Input] (scramble.c) mars: Player 2's fire button 
  doesn't stop firing (Osso)
- 05328: [Gameplay] (ksys573.c) gtrfrk2m: flash ROM device error (smf)
- 05326: [Crash/Freeze] (subsino2.c) xplan: Game hangs up on boot (crazyc)
- 05300: [Core] HLSL w/Vector Games: Black screen with -HLSL (hap)
- 05323: [DIP/Input] (rallyx.c) rallyx, rallyxa, rallyxm, rallyxmr: 
  "INVALID" text in dip switch (Robbbert)
- 05257: [Crash/Freeze] (namcos12.c) tenkomor, tenkomorja: Crashes 
  on "collect X medals" minigame (smf)
- 05317: [Crash/Freeze] (taitogn.c) spuzbobl, spuzboblj, usagi: 
  boot up to a system error message (smf)
- 05318: [Crash/Freeze] (djmain.c) bm1stmix and other: Error on 
  loading CHD / disk error (smf)
- 05316: [Sound] (dec8.c) meikyuh, meikyuha: no sound in demo and in
  gameplay (Phil Bennett)
- 05294: [Crash/Freeze] (sidepckt.c) sidepckt, sidepcktj: [debug] 
  Assert after OK (hap)
- 05302: [Misc.] (ddragon3.c) ddragon3 and clones: Incorrect vertical 
  refresh rate (hap)
- 05311: [Graphics] (unico.c) zeropnt2: Background layer lacks on Zero 
  Point 2. (David Haywood)
- 05293: [Crash/Freeze] (megadrvb.c) srmdb: [debug] Assert after OK (Firewave)
- 03450: [Core] Confusing warning with NO_DUMP disks (Firewave)
- 05305: [Crash/Freeze] (rastersp.c) rotr: Crashes on initial blue boot 
  screen (hap)
- 05301: [Graphics] (xmen.c) xmen6p, xmen6pu: All sprites are severely 
  corrupted or invisible. (hap)
- 05303: [Gameplay] (harddriv.c) All sets in harddriv.c: Major corruption 
  with all games (Phil Bennett)

Source Changes
-fixed regression in Crypt Killer [smf]

-Use virtual multiple inheritance to share command processing between
 SCSI & ATAPI instead of having a SCSI subdevice. This allows
 matsushita_cr589_device & gdrom_device to derive from
 atapi_cdrom_device. [smf]

-kungfum: Use 8-way joysticks [Phil Bennett]

-web: fixed hardcoded hostname and port in index.html. [Firehawke]

-Moved the adaptec mode sense handling into the ACB4070 device [smf]

-web: Fix rendering issues on WebKit-based phones in portrait mode,
 added pause/unpause toggle. [Firehawke]

-sh2: Show effective address in disassembly of PC-relative instructions
 [R. Belmont, based on a patch by Darksoft]

-cps3: Added some new (and some previously just not included)
 documentation. [R. Belmont, based on a patch by Darksoft]

-New AM_(DEV)SETOFFSET feature for address maps. [Michael Zapf]

-tms9900.c: Fixed debug memory access. [Michael Zapf]

-tms9995.c: Fixed debug memory access, MID interrupt, and decrementer. 
 [Michael Zapf]

-SDL: work around incorrect warning generated by Clang [R. Belmont]

-Better Clang support, necessary for Xcode 5.0 on OS X [R. Belmont]

-m68000: The 68010 does not perform a read before write during a CLR
 instruction [Phil Bennett]

-web: load and save states [Firehawke]

-cps3: improved readme with more hardware detail [Guru]

-web: Fix web options reading from ini, improved load/save state UI

-1943.c: Improved protection emulation [Dave]

-web: more UI improvements [Firehawke]

-web: Additional refactoring. [Firehawke]

-m68k: add FSCALE instruction used by e.g. SimCity 2000 [R. Belmont]

-web: modernized JS usage, fixed several bugs [Firehawke]

-Added some more meter communication to System 5 and MPS, games should
 complain about less now [J. Wallace]

 favor of MCFG_SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS() function for the following drivers: 
 * twin16.c (except fround)
 * yunsun16.c
 * yunsung8.c

-web: JS cleanup and fixed a few minor bugs. [Firehawke]

-thepit.c: Dumped the color BPROM for, and corrected colors in, 
 Desert Dan [Zab]

-SCSP: improved DMA and fixed triggering from SH-2 side [Angelo Salese]

-ncr5380n: better DRQ support, fixed arbitration-in-progress bit [R. Belmont]

-SDL: updated man pages [Cesare Falco]

-Improvements to Dragon World 3 protection simulation, game seems
 mostly playable now although a DMA mode copying 68k code to RAM is
 still missing [iq_132]

-Added a hack to get konami 80's loading games again. It misses out
 triggering dma for three sectors, the old code didn't care as it
 didn't check for how much had been requested. Why it does this and
 what should actually happen is currently unknown. [smf]

-wpc_an: Various additions, games now have full sound: [Barry Rodewald]
 * Added WPC sound board and hooked up to WPC boards.
 * Added shifter functions to WPC chip (fixes inputs)
 * Added preliminary memory protection

-ptblank: Documented how the protection works. [Guru, R. Belmont]

-peplus.c: Huge update of information, clones and new games. [BrianT]

-moved request sense command into t10spc, supporting the old obsolete
 format and the new one. [smf]

-stopped div 0x80000000, 0xffffffff from causing an overflow exception.
 All loads cancel an outstanding load to the same register, not just
 lwl/lwr [smf]

-Fixed read toc to always return the lead out & return the correct
 results for msf requests. Mounting the same iso in Windows 8 produces
 a slightly different result, but it's enough to make windows 2000
 recovery console and windows 95a work. [smf]

-Uses the sff8020 read toc legacy format field if the mmc format field
 is zero (MSCDEX uses the sff8020 format field instead of the mmc
 format field). Added support for session format for read toc, we only
 support 1 session so the data is mostly hard coded. Fixed read sub
 command when subq bit was not set [smf]

-Fix for mametester 5328, switched guitar freaks 2 to a 32mb card. It
 only flashes 16mb to the flash card but it checks and erases 32mb.
 Consistent code formatting. [smf]

-pacland.c - Added Easter egg notes [cmonkey]

-model3.c: Correct rom names and revision levels for The Lost World &
 Le Mans 24. [ShouTime]

-lastduel.c: Various fixes [Phil Bennett]
 * Fixed madgear and clones background tilemap bitplane order
 * Fixed madgear and clones vertical refresh rate
 * Added buttons 2 and 3 to madgear and clones
 * Fixed ledstorm2 sprite ROM order (though bad sprites remain due to
   incorrect ROMs)

-Changed atapicdr packet identify to Virtual CDROM because not all
 images are compressed & the text no longer starts in the middle of the
 vendor name (software displaying the vendor name used to display "MAME
 Com"). Added a cdu76s device so that the inquiry for the generic ATAPI
 and SCSI cdrom drives can also be set to "Virtual CDROM". However none
 of the Konami GV games care, so I'm not sure which game required that
 response & that is the only Konami SCSI CD based system. The response
 is invalid according to the SCSI spec as the strings should be space
 filled and not null terminated & there are fields not filled in. So
 it's currently compiled in but not used. [smf]

-Added the ability to view PALCE16V8 jed files along with some
 regression test data for the PALCE16V8.  The pal dumps for Twin Cobra
 2 in the Taito F3 driver are now labeled as bad dumps because when
 viewed with jedutil the data is bad.  [Kevin Eshbach]

-cosmicg: Using new TMS9980 implementation [Michael Zapf]

-zippath.c: Fixed crash in debug builds. [somebody]

-fixes for building with Visual Studio 2013 RTM [smf]

-i186: Added internal clock divider. [Curt Coder]

-tms57002: Implement SFMR instruction [Phil Bennett]

-cosmic.c, jpmsru.c, jubilee.c, jvh.c, looping.c, nsmpoker.c, 
 pachifev.c, supertnk, tmspoker: Using new TMS9980/95 implementation. 
 [Michael Zapf]

-winfile: Allow write-only files to be opened by external programs
 while MAME still has them open (matches POSIX semantics, useful for
 log files) [Firehawke]

-web: Page not found handling, sends a 404 error. [Firehawke]

-isbx: Added a placeholder for the Intel iSBX bus. [Curt Coder]

-8080bw.c: Changed Space Invaders Stand-up Version (sisv) sets around
 based on new information/dumps from Andrew Welburn; sisv2->sisv,
 sisv->sisv3, new set sisv2, placeholder set sisv1; many comment
 changes as well. Removed accidentally included overlay roms from sisv
 sets. Also changed sitvo->sitv1 [Andrew Welburn, Lord Nightmare]

-Fix for mametesters 05216 by defaulting ram to 0. I don't know whether
 this is guaranteed or whether it's a game or emulation bug. Also
 tidied up a few things and added a couple of comments. [smf]

-spc700ds.c: fix disassembly of BRK opcode [Lord Nightmare, jwdonal]

-Updated comments/rom names for Cosmic Monsters (version II) 
 [Andrew Welburn]

-SDL: OS/2 build fixes [KO Myung-Hun]

-8080bw.c: fix Space Invaders rom names again, add more comment
 information [Andy Welburn, Lord Nightmare]

-Added i80130 OSP emulation. [Curt Coder]

-SDL: add SDL_FRAMEWORK_PATH option to control where SDL is installed
 on OS X plus OS X 10.9 support. Started removing deprecated GTK+
 debugger. [R. Belmont, Balrog]

-SDL: Remove deprecated GTK+ debugger. [R. Belmont]

-Changed IDE read sector timing to be the same as read multiple instead
 of write sector. [smf]

-spc700ds.c: fix disassembly of memory-to-memory and
 immediate-to-memory instructions [Alex Jackson]

-Hardcoded toggled inputs (eg. simulated hi-lo gearshift-lock in racing
 games) can now be manually turned off or on by the user. [hap]

-Hooked up DSP/GPU interrupt to tom that was missed when modernizing
 jaguar core in r24736. Fixes Area 51 issue mentioned in mametesters
 05256, but 0.149u1 was released before the modernizing and maxf_ng
 still has the problem mentioned in the bug report. [smf]

-ncr5380n: improved /BSY behavior on arbitration. [R. Belmont]

-Preliminary Master volume control for Deco MLC HW [Angelo Salese]

-Un-marked the 2608 rom as bad, since AFAIK Jarek did test this dump as
 an external rom and it completely matched the internal rom when played
 back, digitally compared at the dac input. Also re-added comments from
 the original fm.c version. It would be best if we can find a 2608 to
 decap eventually, though. [Lord Nightmare]

-quizshow.c: Dumped one of the gfx proms, the other one was wounded in
 action. [Siftware]

-vsnes.c: flip the 'right' and 'left' half roms for vs baseball english
 set to match rom labels from recent rom redump, also fixed labels to
 exactly match chips. [Lord Nightmare, Dead_Body]

-Fixed the MC146818 modernisation so that local/utc & whether a century
 is stored in nvram can be specified in a sane way. Removed the century
 updating as this chip doesn't do that, but each driver can specify
 where the century should be stored. Fixed off by one errors in the
 date/time updating. Added support for different external clock speeds
 and dividers, the clock speeds have been set based on guesswork that
 the code would set the chip to update at 1hz but this isn't
 necessarily true. Most flags have been implemented, so that timer
 updating can be disabled & irq generation should be correct. [smf]

-ppccom.c - Fix and simplify PPC4xx DMA interrupt logic. Fixes goal
 animations in fiveside. [Phil Bennett]

-Added a hack to allow you to limit the number of threads per work
 queue (all other limits still apply). If you set this to 0 then chdman
 doesn't hang. [smf]

-Support for different sized MC146818 compatibles [smf]

-nss.c - Added a new Nintendo Super System bios, Single Cart version 3

-Upstream changes needed to compile JSMESS
 [Justin Kerk, John Vilk, Justin de Vesine]

-wboy4 documentation updates.  [Irongiant]

-Small fix for -listxml dumps regarding output of DIP switches.
 [Andreas Singer]

-IPT_START changed to IPT_START1 or IPT_START2 where multiple start
 buttons exist.  [M*A*S*H]

-tia.c - Per official documents and hardware results, the NTSC palette
 was updated to better simulate CRT display.  [Robert Tuccitto]

-NeoGeo improvements: [Alex Jackson]
 * Cleaned up large amounts of duplicated code between the MAME and MESS (AES/NeoCD) drivers
 * Removed MVS-only ROMs and devices (SM1 ROM, SFIX ROM, upd4990a RTC, etc.) from AES/NeoCD
 * Replaced legacy NVRAM in MVS and NeoCD with NVRAM devices
 * Correctly hooked up SM1 ROM bankswitching; the BIOS sound test works now
 * Corrected VRAM size
 * Sorted the Universe BIOS versions and unified them between MAME and MESS
 * Fixed kf10thep ROM loading and decryption which was a horrible hack (and not endian safe)
 * Replaced svcplus protection hack ROM patch with a less invasive one, based on FBA
 * Started marking code and data that should be moved out into devices
 * Various other code and comment cleanups

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Dolmen [Renato Mucciarelli, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Frantic Fred [Brian Troha]
Player's Edge Plus (Set001) Set Chip [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0103) Deuces Wild Poker [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0127) Deuces Joker Wild Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0434) Bonus Poker Deluxe [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0452) Double Deuces Wild Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0508) Loose Deuce Deuces Wild! Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0542) One Eyed Jacks Wild Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002031P+XP000112) Lucky Deal Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002040P+XP000038) Nevada Bonus Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002042P+XP000038) Triple Bonus Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002067P+XP000038) Double Double Bonus Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002250P+XP000050) Shockwave Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002307P+XP000112) Triple Double Bonus Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002314P+XP000112) Triple Bonus Poker Plus
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (XMP00002+XM00004P) Multi-Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (XMP00004+XM00005P) Multi-Poker
  [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Space Invaders (SV version rev 1) [jgevarya]
Turret Tower [Philip Bennett, smf]
Burger Time (set 3) [Artemio]

New clones added
Erotictac/Tactic (set 2) [ANY]
Super Derby (v.10.04) [ANY]
After Burner II (German) [Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union]
Various Player's Edge Plus Poker sets (100+) [BrianT, Kevin, Jim]
Safari Rally (World) [Andrew Welburn]
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910318)
  [Any, The Dumping Union]
Strike Fighter (World) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Bomber Man World (Japan) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
Final Fight (Japan 900613) [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Asia 961004) [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Fire Shark (earlier) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Emergency Call Ambulance (US location test?)
  [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Dynamite Dux (set 2, Japan, FD1094 317-0094)
  [Charles MacDonald, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 1, Japan, FD1094 317-0131)
  [Charles MacDonald, ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Phozon (Sidam)  [Albolo, Silvio Grazzini, Corrado Tomaselli]
Space Invaders (SV version rev 1)
Space Invaders (SV version rev 2)
Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle 4 Way Battle Version / Fu'un Super Tag Battle Special Version [Alex Jackson]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Carket Ball [ANY]
Unknown Sidam Poker [ANY]
Hide & Seek [Guru]
Fate: Unlimited Codes (FUD1 Ver. A) [Guru, R. Belmont]


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