Explus Alpha 1.5.13 on the way…

android2罗伯特大神的.emu系列将在一、二周内推送。这次全面更新整整耗时超过四个月。主要是针对OUYA、 NVidia Shield 这些游戏定制硬件的优化,并且把移植代码和最新的原生代码同步。没有新的模拟器品种加入。


Version 1.5.13 (WIP)

  • Replaced fixed-placement on-screen control options with a single option that allows drag & drop placement of controls
  • Added larger 15 and 16mm on-screen control sizes
  • Added 8:7 aspect ratio option to NES, SNES, & PCE when using regular zoom levels
  • Fixed Confirm Overwrite State option not affecting states saved via key press
  • UI tweaks: Updated icons to flat Android-like style for cleaner look, added new icons to make certain actions more intuitive (ex. when selecting a directory, the file browser shows a check-mark to confirm instead of an X), slightly improved text rendering and blending quality
  • Added Viewport/Overscan Zoom option to reduce the display size of the entire app, useful on monitors/TVs with overscan
  • 2600: Updated core to Stella 3.9
  • 2600: Added option to control TV phosphor simulation which is used to avoid flickering graphics in some games that display half the sprites on alternate frames
  • C64: Fixed setting FastSID option, and default to ReSID if available in port
  • C64 & MSX: Added option to use a custom path for system/firmware files
  • GBC: Updated core to current GIT version of Gambatte with some small fixes and optimizations
  • GBC: Added option to use special built-in palettes for classic GB games recognized by the GBC hardware
  • NES: Updated core to current SVN version of FCEUX with some mapper fixes, and an extra fix for Top Gun
  • NES: Fixed cheats not saving on iOS/Android if the app exits after being backgrounded
  • Android: Use scaled DPI coordinates to calculate the on-screen control sizes instead of physical DPI coordinates by default since many devices report incorrect physical screen sizes. The new Size Units option controls the coordinate type used.
  • Android: Improved audio-backend with low-latency support on Android 4.2+ and 48KHz sample rate if device supports it
  • Android: Registered file types supported by each system with the OS so it’s possible to launch a game using an external file manager
  • Android: Added default key profiles for the Nvidia Shield
  • Android: Made input device connect/disconnect events fully accurate on Android 4.1+, removes need for Re-scan OS Input Devices menu command
  • iOS: Fixed screen size issues when starting with status bar shown
  • Linux/X11: Treat the first command-line option as the game/directory to load upon launch
  • Linux/X11: Added experimental multi-window mode. Currently just mirrors the game video but will be used to implement native external display support for Android & iOS with separate content on each screen.

另外1.5.12在Android 4.2+以上设备和蓝牙外置有联动上的bug,大家要注意。



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