Mednafen v0.9.31 WIP



Mednafen的PC-FX模拟器核心是目前唯一还在开发的免费NEC PC-FX模拟器。这点必须要和大家提一下。

Especially notable changes include:

  • Experimental CloneCD CD image support. The base part of the CCD/SUB/IMG filenames should match, and the file extensions should match in case(as in, upper or lower). Many CloneCD-format rips floating around on the Internet have unusable garbage Q subchannel data(from faulty ripping software, or faulty drives, I’m not sure), and Mednafen will refuse to use such a rip when it is detected(though detection isn’t guaranteed).
  • Improved PS1 CPU emulation timing accuracy; fixes problems with “Final Fantasy Tactics”, “Battle Arena Toshinden”, “Zero Divide”, “NBA Jam Extreme”, “Tiny Toon Adventures – Plucky’s Big Adventure”, “Eldergate”, “Ballblazer Champions”, and “Incredible Crisis”.
  • Misc PS1 bug fixes; fixes problems with “Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura”, “Arcade Party Pak”, and “Crash Team Racing”.
  • Optimized the PS1 MDEC decoding IDCT code.
  • Improved PS1 multitap emulation accuracy; The “Tales of […]” games will now work properly when multitap is enabled.
  • Changed how virtual ports are mapped when PS1 multitap emulation is enabled, to make more sense. See the included PSX module documentation for more details.
  • Improved Virtual Boy noise emulation accuracy; fixes the digital sample playback in “Hyper Fighting”.
  • Deprecated command-line option “-loadcd”, and added command-line option “-physcd”.


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