BizHawk v1.5.1


白头鹰和现在红的发紫的RetroArch类似,本身并没有原创的模拟器核心代码,但是搭建了一个全新的运行平台来移植那些已经存在的开源模拟器。问题是人RetroArch通过这个手段将那些优秀的模拟器跨平台了,而BizHawk还是在PC x86平台上运行…


BizHawk 1.5.1

  • Scheduled to be released when the dust settles on bug reports on 1.5.0
  • Release Candidate – This build includes all the changes below, but more may be added before an official release happens (this is a release build of r4878)
  • Revision Range 4822-?
  • Fix exception when attempting to record a movie from a SNES ROM in an archive
  • Fix crashing when attempting to load a GBC, SGB, or Saturn Game
  • Fix bug in firmware resolution when firmware isn’t present in the default firmwares folder or when the user’s selection is missing altogether
  • Support additional FDS BIOS files
  • Fix Screenshot and SaveRam paths being in the base path instead of system path
  • Add separate path options for Dual Gameboy (and fix dual Gameboy paths)
  • Dual Gameboy – fix screenshots (probably)
  • DiscoHawk – cue-fix error in parsing empty lines
  • Fix Atari 7800 from crashing on load ROM
  • Fix Coleco and Atari 7800 BIOS detection
  • Fix Rewind setting aside memory for a buffer even when not enabled (fixes Out of memory exceptions in N64Hawk)
  • Fix possible exceptions regarding cheats being thrown when using Ram Watch and some other tools
  • Fix bug that was preventing binding joypad buttons on some machines
  • N64 – Fix default setting in Glide64mk2 which can result in blank video
  • Single Instance Mode – Fix exception thrown on close
  • SGB – Fix Memory Domains

BizHawk 1.5.0

  • Windows Binary
  • Released Aug 22, 2013
  • Revision Range 4301 – 4822


  • New Cores
    • N64Hawk released! Uses the Mupen64Plus v2.0 core. See here: BizHawk/N64
    • SaturnHawk released! Uses the Yabause 9.2 core. See here: BizHawk/Saturn


  • SNES
    • fix a bug which caused false positives in lagframe detection (frames marked as lag where input was actually used). this is purely a display issue and did not affect emulation at all. the bug was not caused by r4206, but r4206 causes
    • fix wrong default memory domain in ramsearch
    • support bsnes xml files and super road blaster MSU-1 game
    • add “always doublesize framebuffer” option which makes the logical output of the snes core always sized appropriately for sudden hires-width or interlacing


  • GB/GBC
    • Serial cable emulation including movie recording
    • rtc is pegged to emulated elapsed time. maybe. don’t know what to test it with. time at core restart is always 1970, or something like that, which isn’t as bad as it sounds, because the GB rtc doesn’t keep track of anything past days


  • NES
    • ExROM: fix crash in CV3
    • support SMB3(j) and fix likely new bugs in MMC1
    • speed ups for MMC1 games
    • support HVC-SJROM for Zombie Hunter(J)
    • TxROM: add 256K chr option to ACCLAIM-MC-ACC. fixes crash dummies, amongst others
    • Made NES sound channel update instantly when changed, easier to fine tune what you want from it.
    • volume control on each channel
    • Missing mapper for Ms. Pac-Man (Tengen)
    • support yoshi’s cookie
    • separate first/last scanline settings for NTSC vs PAL (default of 8,231 NTSC and 0,239 for PAL)


  • SGB
    • fix SGB to actually work (was broken in 1.4.1)


  • Atari 7800
    • update to Emu7800 from v1.3 to v1.5


  • Multiclient
    • New firmwares config dialog
    • New Rewind config dialog – includes disk vs memory options, buffer size, delta compression, rewind frequency for different savestate sizes, and rewind stats
    • Fix issue some people would have where Bizhawk wouldn’t load unless the dll files were moved to the root folder
    • Added ‘Always On Top’ option to settings in hex editor/tas studio/ram search


  • Lua
    • event.onframestart, event.onframeend, event.onsavestatesave, event.onsavestateload – allow multiple functions to be registered, also ability to name them, and function returns a guid pointing to the registered function
    • Registered Function dialog with ability to Call and Remove functions
    • new functions – event.unregisterbyid(), event.unregisterbyname(), joypad.setanalog, forms.openfile(), client.xpos(), client.ypos(), memory.getcurrentmemorydomainsize
    • add snes library getlayer_set_bg_1(), setlayer_set_bg_1(), etc to toggle/get all layer options
    • improve console.log() to print out lua tables
    • M64 reader lua script
    • Lua Function List dialog – Ctrl+C copies the function to clipboard concatenated, ex: “emu.frameadvance()


  • Hotkeys
    • new Analog hotkeys
    • defaults button


  • Ram Search
    • introduce “Fast Mode” in order to support large domains such as for N64. In fast mode, the previous value will be defined as last search (or original value), and change counts will not be incremented but the previous value/change counts will not be processed saving huge amounts of processing.
    • clear undo history when starting a new search, and add a Clear Undo History menu item


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