RetroArch v0.9.9.5 – r19 for Android



RetroArch目前对硬件的要求较高,而且由于是完全免费的应用,在一些易用性的细节上不如那些商业模拟器来的好用。由于coder现在手里有一台Nvidia Shield,所以我有理由认为这货接下来可能就只管给NV做优化了…

不管怎么说,RetroArch现在在安卓上独占VB和MD 32x两大硬件的模拟核心,作为一个使用安卓设备的模拟器爱好者是不可能不装RetroArch了。

最后还是希望作者尽快完成NEC PC-FX和Atari jaguar的libretro移植,丫不是说平台之间libretro可以无缝移植呢咩?

r19 (August 15, 2013) – v0.9.9.5

* [Android] Input autodetection fixes –
– DualShock3 pad controls fixed
* [Android] It should now be possible to map D-pad to analog on several gamepads, such as:
– Xbox 360
– PlayStation3
– Shield
* [Android] Threaded video is now the default due to positive user feedback. Purists and accuracy
people can still go for static syncing for best results – although for PCSX ReARMed threaded
video is essential. With the combination of threaded video and dynamic audio rate control,
most of the audio pops and sync issues should be a thing of the past now. Yay.
* [Android] UI has been reorganized and made less shitty (yes, we know). Still a long
way to go there. The entire menu should be gamepad-controllable now at least.
* [Android] Shaders that were broken on Nexus 7/4/10 etc. should now work
* [Android] Added some additional autodetection rules:
– Ouya: Input overlays are disabled by default
* [Android] Added high-latency audio option for crappy/old Android devices that
can’t handle the lower-latency audio that is the default since This should
give you the same performance as (r17). Turn this on if you get bad sound/performance
(and it’s not your device simply being slow). This might also apply for some of the newer
devices – perhaps OpenSL driver has not been updated/optimized there.
* [Android] Added a TV mode. This will launch you straight into RGUI mode. This mode
is identical to what you get from the Wii and PC ports of RetroArch at startup. First
you select a core, then you select a game to go with it.
* [SNES9x] Fixes by Alcaro to libretro port
* [SNES9x Next] Fixes savestates from not being able to be loaded.
* (LIBRETRO) Added bsnes/higan performance core [v0.92] (Android).
– bsnes/higan performance core will run all non-coprocessor games at fullspeed on an
nVidia Shield.
– Co-processor games (SuperFX/SA-1/DSP/Cx4/SA1) will run between ~40fps and 55-57fps
on an nVidia Shield – depending on the specific co-processor. Note – you will need
BIOS files for these games – see byuu boards for information on them.
* [Mednafen NGP] Fixes input issues in a number of games, such as:
– Card Fighters games
– Etc.
* [Picodrive] Updates/32X compatibility/accuracy improvements
* [NEStopia] Updated to 1.46 WIP – added ability to load NstDatabase.xml, fixes Vs. System games
and Startropics 1/2

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  1. 嗯嗯,差不多该入手nvidia shield了。不过5寸屏尤其玩nds游戏,感觉会有点小,罢了,完美的事物真是太少太少了。。。


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