DEmul 0.581 WIP

demul看来DEmul是大彻大悟了,放截图那是小儿科,更新的勤快点才是王道!最新的0.581 WIP可以下载了。

主要是针对DX11的修正。那么也就是说DX10就没事了?另外就是AICA DSP模拟的完全重写。AICA是DC用来控制音频的芯片。

Release notes:

Bugfix release. Post more issues to our tracker for further improvements:

– DX11: add read fb to dc vram
– DX11: bilinear and textcoord clamp/flip fixes (Samurai6 shadows, Xtreeme Sports title, etc)
– DX11: clip mode set without GroupEn bit (18Wheleeler map, checkme), modvol clip
– DX11: fix 1×1 mips in 16bit and IDX8 textures (road marks in Sonic2); miplevel clamp; join similar texture decoders
– DX11: fix aspect ratio (need test)
– DX11: fix modifier holes
– DX11: fix scaling with RTT
– DX11: fix z plane generation
– DX11: force background deptmode to 7
– DX11: hw-like trilinear filter, optimise shadow
– DX11: network sort option
– DX11: use clip for RenderDepth (fixes arcade 18Wheelerer), RenderDepth only shadow poly (fix Xtreme sports), UV clamp/flip/wrap inside TextureSample() (fixes textures gaps), always use color clamp (Rumble Fish attract), all fog processing after shading calc
– DX11: use mipmap adjust, add supersample (not working)
– HIKARU: NASCAR boot in public build
– HIKARU: sram mapping error fix, now pharrier can bookkeep (issue #54)
– LISTXML generation fixes
– NAOMI: Crazy Taxi debug ctrls
– NAOMI: a bit better Alien Front controls
– SPU: fix cdda status set to gdrom
– SPU: fix loop sound sonic adventure (refix from rev 1809)
– SPU: return old adpcm decoder
– full rewrite aica DSP

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