Mednafen v0.9.29 WIP



Especially notable changes include:

  • Fixed a couple of netplay user interface crashing bugs.
  • Changed SNES (pseudo) hi-res blending to be less blurry.
  • Changed SNES audio resampler to a higher-quality(but slightly more CPU-intensive) resampler.
  • Implemented a PS1 CDC feature in emulation so that music resumption after pause works in “Mortal Kombat Trilogy”; it’s unlikely to otherwise affect PS1 game compatibility, though.
  • New, experimental, optional(it’s not used by default) “WASAPI” exclusive-mode sound driver/output method for Windows Vista and newer; allows for lower audio latency(in conjunction with reducing the sound.buffer_time setting), and less timing jitter(compared to modern implementation of DirectSound), which will improve things like rumble emulation and netplay.




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