Daedalus v1.1



Daedalus v1.1 Changelog:
*Compatibility with Windows XP
*Many fixes and speed improvements to accurate TMEM (pretty much is flawless at this point!)
*Better game pad support, also game pad can be connected or disconnected at any time.
*Many graphical bugs fixed (DK64,Banjo Tooie, Zelda, Ogre Battle, SSB, Bomberman, MRC, etc)
*FSAA 4X filter
*Smoother gameplay and less laggy audio
*Updated libraries to latest version (GLFW, zlib, etc)
*Bug fixes and speed improvement to dynarec
*Correct rounding conversions (Fixes South Park Rally)
*Fixed crash in 007 TWINE
*Code clean ups and some other small changes



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