DEmul 0.58 WIP

demul最喜欢放WIP截图的SEGA DC以及DC类硬件模拟器DEmul这次很意外的发表了v0.58的WIP运行库!我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆咧,大家赶快去测试下。家用机DC的模拟器…er…这货是唯一还活着的吧?

根据自带的兼容性列表,DEmul对Naomi/Naomi2的支持度已经相当不错,比MAME那是要强老多了。除此以外DEmul还部分支持了同样基于DC硬件的Sammy的Atomiswave基板,Gaelco的同名基板以及这次新加入的SEGA的定制型Naomi基板-Hikaru。rom set是MAME标准的,直接加载即可。

– GAELCO: new system added with two games supported: Smashing Drive and ATV Track
– HIKARU: new system support added, a lot more of work needed
– AWAVE: Sega Bass Fishing Challenge romset added
– AWAVE: use MAME’s NGBC rom, enable BBA
– CORE: FPU opcodes timing fix (“Dead Or Alive 2” slowdown fix)
– CORE: MMU sh4 fix
– CORE: addc, subc opcodes for SH2/SH3/SH4 fix
– CORE: dreamcast various fixes
– CORE: fcmpeq NAND case fix
– CORE: ftrc NaNd round fix
– CORE: ftrc int/rec opcode fix
– CORE: heap corruption fix
– CORE: internal DMAC support
– CORE: invalidate code SH4 fix
– CORE: trapa SH2 fix
– DC: a lot of game-specific fixes, now more games are playable or glitch-free
– DX11: bump mapping added
– DX11: order independent transparency added
– DX11: render to texture full rewrite
– DX11: scaling added
– DX11: shadow volume full refactor
– DX11: translucent modifier inplemented
– DX11: two volume modifier implemented
– GDROM: gdrom threading disabled
– GPU: DX10/DX11 support for Hardware and Software renders (can be played virtually on any GPU card, but obviously very slow)
– GPU: much correct volumes support
– GPU: workaround for ATI bugs
– NAOMI2: new model cache system
– NAOMI2: reflect fix
– NAOMI2: render to texture fix
– NAOMI2: various improvements
– NAOMI: Crackin DJ controls fix
– NAOMI: Gun Spike auto-coin fix
– NAOMI: Ninja Assault Export (NJA4verA) added
– NAOMI: Ninja Assault light gun fix
– NAOMI: add 2 new USA bioses
– NAOMI: new romsets added: initdv3j with key, Star Horse, Shakatto Tambourine 2001 Spring, Ninja Assault new rev, crackndj2, gunsur2 alt rev, marstv, Radirgy new rev, etc…
– NET: BBA network support (TAP driver / OpenVPN needed, modem isn’t supported yet)
– NET: sync flash/eeprom/etc
– PAD: dead zones, dc triggers fix
– PAD: full xinput support
– VMS: fixed parsing crash on some VMS files
– VMS: various fixes


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