PPSSPP v0.8.0 for android

ppsspp牛×到逆天的安卓PSP模拟器PPSSPP更新到0.8。正像前两天ZOO君说的,SRWZ的两作基本完美。之所以说它逆天,因为我很脑残的在我的800Mhz单核A9的山寨PSP渣机上测试SRWZ破界篇,除了音乐卡的断断续续之外,游戏居然很流畅,同学们,这玩意绝对用的是外星科技啊!!Qrz Qrz Qrz



June 23, 2013: 0.8 is here!

Here we go! 0.8, now available for Windows and Android*, brings you the following new features:

  • Full video and audio playback in most games (audio requires an optional plugin)
  • Huge increases in compatibility! Final Fantasy: Crisis Core is fully playable on fast devices, for example.
  • Lots of little things like easy screenshot taking, the beginnings of a cheat feature, etc

Thanks to all the contributors making this possible! I want to call out unknownbrackets and oioitff for outstanding additions.

So get downloading! It may take Google Play some time to update to 0.8.

*For those of you on iOS and Blackberry, 0.8 builds will be available soon. We are still looking for a volunteer to maintain a Mac build.



“PPSSPP v0.8.0 for android”的2个回复

  1. 目前 PPSSPP 在手機上已可流暢運行, 且就算中途街到電話, 也可再回到剛剛的 Game.
    唯美中不足的是, 將畫面輸出至電視後, FPS 會下降不少, 導致聲音常會斷斷續續的,
    期待下一版可以修復跳幀功能, 以禰補這個缺點.


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