RetroArch Android for android/iOS

retroarch大神许诺的新的MAME Libretro终于加入了,但奇怪的是基于MAME 0.78内核的。我们知道现在移动平台常见的MAME内核有0.37b5和0.139,0.78我印象中仅在WinCE平台上出现过一次然后就销声匿迹了,RetroArch再次搞这个0.78出来,是嫌我们手机里的MAME sets还不够乱咩? XD


另外iOS版的RetroArch也出来了,同样加入了MAME 0.78.大家可以在越狱后直接得到或者去PPX下载

r16 (June 17, 2013)
* (LIBRETRO) Added MAME 2003 [0.78] (PC/Android/iOS)
* (MAME 2003 0.78) Add speedhack core option so that MAME can run at fullspeed on average Cortex A9 CPUs for games like Mortal Kombat 2/3/Ultimate/NBA Jam (DCS sound harware games)
* Can take screenshots now with libretro GL cores
* [RGUI] Saves video shader directory to config file.
* [RGUI] Add FPS / refresh rate monitoring in RGUI.
* [Android] Input autodetection expanded –
– Gasia PS3 pad
– Defender Game Racer Classic
– Tomee NES USB (swap around buttons A/B)
– Logitech Precision Gamepad
– Onlive Wireless Conroller
– Moga Universal driver (Swap around Start/Select for new driver)
– Xperia Play hack [UNTESTED – TESTERS NEEDED]
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add a test for the dynarec to catch broken platforms early – will be written to pcsxr.log
* [PCSX ReARMed] handle map failures so that it can be retried
* [Desmume] Add constant frameskip core option
* [Desmume] Add firmware language core option
* [SNES9x Next] Loading and saving a state should be fixed now on Blackberry. GCC optimization breakage.



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