Yabause On Android OS?



要使用Yabause for android,安装好apk以后,首先要把BIOS放到”yabause/bios”目录,把游戏ISO/CUE放到 “yabause/games”目录,运行app。在setting中设置好文件,然后完全退出(必须彻底退出!可能需要清一下后台),再次启动app。程序会自动读取指定路径下的文件。

With this build you can:
– select bios (copy it in “yabause/bios” on the sdcard);
– select game (copy it in “yabause/games” on the sdcard);
– enable frameskip;
– show/hide fps;
– turn off sound, adjust volume, etc.;
– save to saturn memory.

That means you should be able to play a game and save… but see “bugs” section :)

Some know bugs / problems with this build:

– it’s built without the dynarec so it’s painfully slow, there’s some bug in the dynarec that we’ll have to fix before including it again;
– quitting and restarting the emulator doesn’t works, if you quit it, you’ll have to “force close” it;
– the settings doesn’t reload emulation (for instance after changing bios and/or game);
– it has not been tested on a recent android version, so there’s good change it won’t look good on them;
– I’m pretty sure it’s full of bugs :)



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