unoffical nds4ios r32 for iOS

nds4oid在android上的nds4droid活跃了这么久以后,iOS上的nds模拟器移植也开始加速了。一位ID是angelXwind的coder加入了rock88的移植计划,并且为越狱系统释出了几个相当不错的编译版,代码库同步到nds4droid r32。当然就硬件来说肾机4S以下的就别想了,因为JIT还没有加入。

我相信在android版已经进化到基本实用的今天,iOS版应该会很快追上。但是那些对iOS所谓不吃硬件的脑补说法有点沾沾自喜的同学要有个心理准备,这玩意可是超级吃硬件 XD

Hi, I’m Karen (angelXwind).

Reddit post:
Stable builds:
Testing builds (may be unstable/slow):

Repo URL:
IRC Channel: irc:// (#nds4ios @

“Help, How do I copy ROMs to this!?”

NDS ROMs go in /User/Documents/ (or /var/mobile/Documents/ , same thing)
NDS saves go in /User/Documents/Battery/ (or /var/mobile/Documents/Battery/ , same thing)

Please use iFunBox, iExplorer, or SSH-over-USB-Tunnel to transfer ROMs… transferring NDS ROMs using SSH-over-Wifi is not a good idea. c:

Known Issues (r32-3f17930e12)

  • nds4ios has no JIT yet, so it runs pretty slowly for some devices. JIT is a pain to get working with clang, anyway >_>
  • The controls need a ton of work.
  • The ABXY button layout is reversed.
  • There aren’t any L and R buttons yet.
  • There is no sound.
  • The ROM file chooser is locked to one directory.
  • There is no native iPad UI (2x mode apparently “works fine”)

User-contributed Bug Reports [r32-3f17930e12]

  • Twitter user けりじょる (@kerijy0ru) reports that nds4ios spontaneously crashes with the games マリオ&ルイージRPG3!!! (Mario and Luigi RPG3!!!) and 魔界戦記ディスガイア (Makaisenki Disugaia)
    • 魔界戦記ディスガイア lacks AP, so that may be something else breaking it.
    • However, マリオ&ルイージRPG3!!! is possibly Nintendo’s AP acting up with the emulator.
  • Twitter user Michael Tran (@auriculogenesis) reports that Pokemon SoulSilver has severe graphical glithces after emerging from indoors.
  • iFans forum member Rynoburgy reports that he cannot control the player in Call of Duty 4.
  • iFans forum member Latiosdude reports that Pokemon White and Black 2 both crash on launch.
    • This is due to the copious amounts of AP on recent Pokemon games.

Performance [r32-3f17930e12]
Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary.

  • iPhone 4
    • Karen (angelXwind) [iOS 6.0]
      • Super Mario 64: 10~15fps
    • Z1CC4 [iOS 6.0.1] / Karen (angelXwind) [iOS 6.0]
      • Pokemon Platinum
        • Overworld: 9~12FPS
        • Professor Rowan’s Introduction: 35~43FPS
  • iPhone 5
    • nekomichi [iOS 6.0.1]
      • New Super Mario Bros.
        • Title screen, save file selection – 60FPS
        • Idle opening cutscene – 28FPS
        • Active opening cutscene – 13FPS
          • (lots of animated characters displayed simultaneously)
        • World selection screen – 20FPS
        • Overworld – 42FPS
          • (where you take control of Mario)
    • Rynoburgy [iOS 6.1.2]
      • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – 24~30FPS
  • iPad mini/iPad 2 (the two are identical internally)
    • dedefock (@dedefock) [iOS *]
      • “As fast as iPhone 5 performance on r13”
  • iPod touch 5
    • nekomichi [iOS 6.1]
      • New Super Mario Bros.
        • Title screen, save file selection – 27FPS
        • Idle opening cutscene – 13FPS
        • Active opening cutscene – 8FPS
          • (lots of animated characters displayed simultaneously)
        • World selection screen – 10 FPS
        • Overworld – 19FPS
          • (where you take control of Mario)
    • Nicholas Cardenas (@cardenaso11) [iOS 6.1]
      • Drawn to Life: ~34fps
      • Generally “super fast”
  • iPad 3
    • nekomichi [iOS 6.1]
      • New Super Mario Bros.
        • Title screen, save file selection – 34FPS
        • Idle opening cutscene – 16FPS
        • Active opening cutscene – 10FPS
          • (lots of animated characters displayed simultaneously)
        • World selection screen – 12FPS
        • Overworld – 22FPS
          • (where you take control of Mario)

Upcoming Features

  • Native iPad UI
  • Default.png
  • UI overhaul
    • New file chooser (hopefully)
    • Addition of L and R buttons
    • Option to hide the onscreen controls entirely
    • Correct button positions


  • Clean up and refactor code, remove the ugly hacks used (see nds4ios-Prefix and android/log.h)
  • JIT/Dynarec (very difficult with clang)
  • OpenGL ES rendering
  • Sound
  • Savestates
  • Proper iPhone 5 (768h) and iPad UI
  • Better on-screen controls
  • Use of cmake to generate Xcode project
  • Fix 768h screen bug.


Release Notes

  • nds4ios-testing r32-3f17930e12: This build has touch scaling issues on 768h devices. There’s a very large speed increase, though.
  • nds4ios-stable r13-54a70746ef: Generally slow… that’s about it.

“When is JIT coming?”
nds4droid just got exophase JIT working on ARM devices… and even that is pretty unstable (with some games)
That being said, getting JIT to work on iOS is rather hard to begin with, due to challenges imposed by the clang compiler.
In other words: when we figure it out.

“How do I report bugs/performance?”
Be iFans forum user nekomichi. (Basically, list iOS version, what device you’re using, what game you’re playing, and if applicable, framerates achieved in different scenarios)


“unoffical nds4ios r32 for iOS”的一个回复

  1. 其实cydia上已经更新到更高版本了.是否加入jit未知(因为看起来也没什么提速),iphone5(A6,主频1.3?)或ipad4(A6X,主频1.4?)表现不错,其他差距较大,即使new ipad,帧数可以有接近一倍的差距,而new ipad几乎又是4s(主频800?)的一倍.估测和安卓上的nds模拟器一样,主要考量cpu性能以及主频,其他ios设备的主频一般都是1Ghz或以下了,鉴于ios设备一贯不是以主频见长,看起来除非有什么特别的东西,比如有效的jit或gpu加速等,nds模拟方面ios要想追上安卓是有难度的


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