nds4droid r33

nds4droidnewer…感谢谷歌搞砸了jeff的I/O大会订票 ;),所以jeff在闲下来的时间里制作了这个nds4droid r33! 主要针对3D游戏的提速。据coder自己测试,口袋怪兽(不知道是哪个版本)有3帧左右的提速。大家自行测试。

另外,jeff的google glass已经寄出,过几天我们可以看到他的开箱测评…啊…各种羡慕嫉妒恨~~~不过话说回来,目前看起来google glass更像是一种显示方式的革新。

Since I’m not at Google I/O this year (thanks to a massive fuck up in Google’s ticket ordering site), thought I’d make another nds4droid release. As always you can get it atGoogle Play and sourceforge. Changes:

  • Performance enhancements for 3D heavy games

I’m seeing about a 3 FPS increase on games like Pokemon Diamond. In other news, Google has shipped me my Google Glass that I ordered at Google I/O last year, so expect some unboxing photos to be posted here once I get it within the next few days.



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