FPse 0.11.95 for android



FPse 0.11.95 changes:
– Fixed .Z and .ZNX support
– Fixed FPS counter

FPse 0.11.94 changes:
– Fixed many differents bugs and immediate crashes on somes devices
– Fixed image disk detection. (somes went to CD Player)
– Fixed GPU Soft plugin Sprite drawing (many games are fixed).
– Fixed Moga controller Pro
– Easy Menu Scan smartly and recursively storages
– File browser see Internal and External Storage Now…
FPse 0.11.93 changes:
– Added Japanese language support.
– Fixed Old software mode crash (remember this mode make FPse running much more faster on multi core devices).
– Fixed crash for somes devices when starting FPse.
– Added OpenGL game config sharing system.
– Fixed OpenGL video options saving
– Fixed Pad size for new full hd devices
– Added more Framelimiter tunning value as requested

FPse propose since 0.11.88 a new experimental OpenGL plugin,cleaner and faster.

目前只有0.11.93流出。老地方找。感谢PPX的版大 XD


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