DICE v0.6

dice骰子君是一个元祖级街机游戏仿真器。这些游戏硬件的共同特点是不用CPU,有些早期游戏甚至连rom也没有。它们使用离散型逻辑电路( discrete logic components)来实现简单的判定反馈,这玩意在我们国内翻译成与非门电路,别看不起这货,我们现在所谓的IC,即集成电路(Integrated Circuit)就是建立在无数个逻辑电路上的。

逻辑电路技术在电子游戏方面的最终形态定格为1972年史上第一个家用游戏机Magnavox Odyssey,然后,真正的电脑游戏机登场了。

Many new features in this version, including:
– A complete rewrite of the simulation core, now both significantly faster and more accurate than before
– New GUI, allowing configurable controls including multiple mouse and joystick support
– Improved sound
– Gotcha bug fixes
– Space Race support
– And probably more that I’ve forgotten…

DICE v0.6 Changelog:
– Support for two new games
– Color overlay simulation in Breakout
– Improved simulator core algorithm that increases performance in several games
– Improved sound in Gotcha


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