no$psx v1.5


OK,no$psx 1.5继续更新,SPU方面更新较大,感觉声音不精确的同学可以去测试一下。


25 Apr 2013 no$psx v1.5

  • multimachine: implemented cdrom load to “all machines” option (default)
  • multimachine: fixed cdrom loader load to “1st/2nd/3rd/4th machine” options
  • multimachine: bugfix: doesn’t try to use “seed_vals” for newly added machines
  • multimachine: bugfix: doesn’t hang on invalidated windows of removed machines
  • multimachine: apply autostart/reset only to machines with newly loaded cdroms
  • multimachine: apply_bios_patches now applied to ALL machines (eg skip intro)
  • sizing: added fullscreen mode, and added sizing/maximize in multimachine mode
  • memcards: now saved as *.mcd in new MEMCARD subdirectory (formerly no$psx.mcN)
  • memcards: first card: <cdrom_filename>.mcd (auto-excluding “(DiscN)” etc.)
  • memcards: others: “_MM_N_X_mcd” (MM=machine1..12, N=slot1/2, X=sub-slotA..D)
  • memcards: prevents <cdrom_filename>.mcd creation on sector 03Fh dummy writes
  • memcards: added support for multitap memcards (IDs 82h..84h in slot 1..2)
  • gpu: help/emu: added textured-rectangle-xyflip feature (thanks William Birkin)
  • gte: help/emu: reproduced real GTE division inaccuracies (thanks ogamespec)
  • cdrom: help/emu: cdrom is initially demuted (fixes missing audio in v1.3+v1.4)
  • cdrom: ignores nonzero writes to unused bits (without suppressing other bits)
  • cdrom: removed “cdrom response overkill” warning (some games may survive it)
  • spu: emulates spu-capture-buffer interrupt (needed for crash team racing)
  • spu: allows glitchless spu-ram-read (as far as [1F801014h].bit24-27=nonzero)
  • spu: added “generate_sample_till_now” for updating spustat and endx on reads
  • spu: better key_on handling (supporting lead_delay, and forced adpcm start)
  • spu: better LOOP-END behaviour (ENDX flag, plus optional mute+release)
  • spu: implemented fully functional 8bit/32bit reads from 16bit spu registers
  • spu: help/emu: dumped/documented gauss_table and emulated adpcm interpolation
  • spu: help/emu: tested/documented pitch_modulation effect and emulated it
  • spu: help/emu: max adpcm pitch (clip values in range 4000h..FFFFh to fastest)
  • help: added info on no$psx debug hotkeys and memory access breakpoints
  • help: added info on glitchless spu-ram-read (used by Herc’s Adventures)
  • help: added info on cdrom sector buffer (has 8 slots, but only 2 accessible?)
  • help: added some basic notes on psx-based arcade cabinets
  • pinouts: added IC106-109,IC202,IC303,IC305,IC307,IC309,IC501,IC701,IC723,ICsss
  • pinouts: improved IC304,IC602 pinouts (also IC405, but it’s still unclear)
  • gui: created own help engine (instead of microcrap’s suicidal windows .hlp)
  • gui: discovered and fixed major resource leak (destroymenu on context menu)
  • debug: added user cycle-counter in iomap (profiling purposes), added ctrl+e
  • debug: added optional DMA logging in TTY window (shows chn,addr,len,ctrl,name)
  • bios: tweaked “bizarre_outdated_pad” function to accept joypads in analog mode
  • vram viewer: bug-fixed “@@app_raw_blend” (test bit0, instead of test “al”)
  • webpage: updated info on my current monetary stats (small donations welcome)
  • webpage: updated txt/htm versions of the psx-spx playstation specifications

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  1. 试了两款游戏,都还不能玩。图像上似乎也有问题,颜色很花。不过这个模拟器CPU占用很低,其它的都是30%,这个只有10%,还是蛮期待它能完善的。话说no$gba也是这个人开发的吗?

  2. 最近链接不太好用啊,总是进不来

  3. 下載頁除非知道網址, 不然也點不進去, 希望站長能修復, 或新增一個文字的連結也行.
    看訊息貌似是因為找不到圖片(就是那張藍底的圖片), 所以無法產生 icon, 故不能點擊連結.



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