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Amiga系列计算机是当之无愧的PC时代第三大硬件平台,排在PC和Macintosh之后。和麦金塔类似,Amiga家族是封闭的计算机硬件系统,拥有专有的BIOS系统以及名为AmigaOS的操作体统。在1985年Amiga 500登场一直延续到1996年的Amiga4000T,至今还在发售基于PowerPC芯片的AmigaOne(当然只能是作为兴趣爱好了)。

Amiga的前任是8位平台Commodore 64/128,借助超越当时平均水准的多媒体性能,Amiga在欧洲非常流行,拥有大量软件,甚至包括魔兽争霸2。遗憾的是,Amiga从未被引进到国内,所以我这辈子就没遇见过一个能使用Amiga某型号主机的同胞 😛

After several years of development, we are proud to announce the availability of a new, major update of WinFellow. There are a lot of changes and enhancements in version 0.5.1; for a full list, please refer to the new user guide or the ChangeLog. Below is a summary of the changes:

  • conversion of most of the former assembler code to C
  • enhanced compatibility with many titles; the chipset interrupt handler was completely re-designed, and sound interrupt handling was changed as well, allowing execution of many titles that previously failed
  • emulation of a battery backed real-time clock (Oki MSM 6242)
  • support for 2 joysticks, usable simultaneously
  • audio volume made controllable
  • the LED overlays were changed to no longer be scaled or stretched, making them nicer to look at
  • basic Cloanto Amiga Forever/RetroPlatform Player integration
  • revamped debugger using a more modern GUI design
  • ability to generate minidumps, which allows us to debug crashes that are reported to us
  • updated PDF user guide
  • update of project files to current Visual Studio (2012 Update 2 is used to compile the builds) and DirectX; the code can now be compiled using Visual Studio Express editions
  • new versioning scheme, based on SVN revisions
  • several minor bug and stability fixes

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