Ex Plus Alpha v1.5.10

android2Robert Broglia,也就是Ex Plus Alpha的coder已经发表了他最新的v1.5.10全系列模拟器,相比起1.5.9耗时整整一个多月,这次的更新才用了半个月。现在基本完整支持OUYA主机。

升级到v1.5.10的模拟器包括2600.emu GBA.emu GBC.emu MD.emu MSX.emu NEO.emu NES.emu NGP.emu PCE.emu  Snes9x EX。Saturn.emu还是停留在v1.5.8。 Snes9x EX可以免费得到。
Version 1.5.10 (WIP)

  • Pushing the “Left” key on a controller/keyboard unbinds the selected action under Input Device Setup (allows unbinding single actions without using a touchscreen or mouse)
  • Automatically re-activate touch controls if touch-screen is used in-game after a gamepad is detected
  • Fixed incorrect Wii Nunchuk input caused by previous update
  • Android: Fixed app hanging on startup on ARMv6 devices missing the eventfd system call, needed since the last update and should be standard for Android 2.3, but some vendors removed it from their kernels. The problematic devices include: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Alcatel OT-983
  • Android: Input handling improvements: OUYA controller key profiles, OUYA/PS3/Xperia Play button labels, split Motorola Droid/Milestone key profiles from generic PC Keyboard
  • Android: Fixed some possible crashes in the Java Bluetooth code due to threading issues, and also reduced connection overhead by using a native Bluetooth socket if possible
  • Android: Re-worked font DPI handling to use screen density values instead of physical sizes and respect user’s font size in the Android settings app, also moved the “DPI Override” option to “On-screen Config” since it only affects touch controls now
  • Android: Ouya-specific APK (trims out compatibility code for Android pre-4.1, has Cortex-A9 optimizations, and some other tweaks), available separately via the Ouya store in the near future
  • iOS: Manually load Blutrol.dylib if present
  • C64: First release
  • GBA: On-the-fly IPS/UPS/PPF patching upon loading a rom (patch file should match rom name and be in the save directory)
  • NES & MD: Added Video System option to force NTSC/PAL timings (NES can switch mid-game)

我注意到罗伯特大神的小鸟推里有一句话 :I’m releasing the 1.5.10 emu updates for Android today/tomorrow, C64.emu + more soon, and Snes9x EX+ is now published on the OUYA store。,我英语老师死得早啊,注意粗体部分,是不是意味着还有新的模拟器呢?

“Ex Plus Alpha v1.5.10”的3个回复

    1. 很多模拟器都已经兼容了,可能是ouya的一种自我营销吧,当然这对开发者而言也应该是何乐不为的事情了

  1. 主机还是任天堂,索尼,微软的好啊。毕竟游戏有保障。安卓的游戏在手机或者平板上玩玩就可以了。


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