FourDO v1.3.2.2


* Input/Controller setup screen now shows a textual form of what button or function you’re currently pressing (“A Button”, “Save State”) in addition to the yellow halo over the button.
* Added emulation notification messages. These show up at the bottom of the screen for things such as “Save State” and “Screenshot saved”
* Added ability to reset all bindings to defaults.
* Added ability to bind to an “Exit” console function, to exit the emulator.
* Emulation performance optimization: about a 5-10% improvement.
* Fixed bug in which the default input bindings were blank if starting 4DO for the first time.
* Fixed bug in which controller 6 input bindings were unavailable.
* Some minor usability improvements to file browser (added “x files selected” message, and using “up directory” button will highlight the folder you came from).


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