GameKeyboard 4.0.1 for android


-[Experimental] “Use iCade” option for iCade controller on supported device
-[new] visual effect on binded button press in Edit Mode
-[fix] test Touchscreen Mode in Customize Gamepad screen
-[fix] 8-way diagonal
Recent changes
-“Customize Gamepad” screen
-Remap/Calibrate stick axis and added gamepad customization in Edit Mode
-“Show Keyboard First” option for cheat code user
-Text Macro: run macro with no defined action will type out it’s name
-Control virtual analog sticks with keyboard
4.0.0 Please contact us if anything broken
-[change] updated icon
-[new] can perform most gamepad customization in Edit Mode
-[new] remap/Calibrate USB stick axis in Edit Mode
-[change] running a Macro with no defined action will type out it’s name, for easy cheat code input
-[new] mappable functions (Run Macro, Toggle Edit Mode)
-[new] Customize Gamepad option in Launcher
-[fix] various bug
Recent changes
-“Show Keyboard First” for GTA cheat code user
-control analog sticks with keyboard

“GameKeyboard 4.0.1 for android”的2个回复

  1. 用这个可以模拟手柄玩侠盗飞车,只是在n64ios,nesoid等模拟器中不能用热键呼出


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