no$psx v1.4


19 Mar 2013 no$psx v1.4

  • gpu: vram-fill-cmd: fixed size/wrapping/rounding/masking for GP0(02h)
  • gpu: vram-copy-cmd: fixed size/wrapping (die hard trilogy 2 uses xsiz=FFFEh)
  • cdrom loader: loads some relevant cdrom “root” sectors (with date/region info)
  • cdrom: for .exe files, forwards region from EXE header to cdrom licence sector
  • cdrom: produces SCEx string matched to region (from cdrom licence sector)
  • cdrom: supports setloc+play (without seek command) (used by Tactics Ogre)
  • video: matches game-window-height to pal/ntsc region (and width to 4:3 ratio)
  • video: allows free game window sizing (with snapping near N*100% zoom factors)
  • controls: automatic analog/digital joypad mode support (based on iso date)
  • controls: emulates analog joypad (with analog axes, config cmds, and L3/R3)
  • controls: emulates analog joystick (with ID=5A53h, without L3/R3 buttons)
  • controls: emulates namco-guncon-lightgun (via mouse)
  • controls: emulates sony-mouse-controller (via mouse)
  • controls: emulates dancemat (via Q,W,E,A,D,Z,X,C or numeric keypad)
  • controls: suppresses L3/R3 buttons in digital joypad mode
  • help: added caution on delay between slot.sel and 1st.cmd.byte (analog pad)
  • help: added plugging and unplugging cautions for controllers and memory cards
  • help: added info on analog joypad range (mechanical/digital/centering areas)
  • help: added dance mat specs (as far as known; which leaves many questions)
  • help: added notes on unknown mouse bits and on konami lightgun “x0h” byte
  • help: added lots of basic info on the different psx fishing controllers
  • help: added some basic info on i-mode adpator (part number and list of games)
  • help: added note on super-early irq10 lightgun patch (hooked 00000080h vector)
  • help: added multitap specs (memcard access, and two controller access methods)
  • help: added note on BIOS “buNN:” support (and problems) for multitap slots A-D
  • help: added note on cdrom auto-pause function for end-of-audio-tracks
  • help: added component list/chipset pin-out for multitap and digital/analog pad
  • help: corrected guncon specs (VERY different as in sporting clays source code)
  • help: corrected gpu vram fill/copy command specs (size/wrapping/rounding/etc)
  • help/cdrom: specs and support for older v1 (and v0) .cdz file format versions
  • controls: allows to assign analog-PC-axis as digital-PSX-button (xbox 360 pad)
  • debug: added optional joypad-command logging to TTY window (see TTY menu bar)
  • bios: pad_card_sweep_stuck_ack (when possible sweep stuck ack before access)
  • bios: pad_card_timeout_value (prevent hanging on stuck ack during access)
  • bios: pad_card_post_sel_delay (for slow devices like mouse and analog joypad)


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