MAME 0.148u1

MAME 0.148u1 发表。新年新版本,加入了三国战纪之一统中原这个官方未发表的版本。能不能运行俺不知道~~~呵呵。

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05137: [Gameplay] (nbmj8991.c) galkaika, galkoku, mcontest, tokimbsj, tokyogal,
  uchuuai: No sound, lock up in attract mode or gameplay (Phil Bennett)
- 04028: [Crash/Freeze] (pinkiri8.c) ronjan: Crash after OK (Firewave)
- 04844: [Crash/Freeze] (jaguar.c) fishfren: black screen after EEPROM initialize (Peter Ferrie)
- 05134: [Graphics] (m92.c) ppan: No sprites present in the game (Phil Bennett)
- 04487: [Graphics] all games with PlayStation GPU: shifted lines in textured quads (smf)
- 05104: [Crash/Freeze] (qix.c) slither, slithera: [debug] Error: bad downcast<>
  or device<> (Phil Bennett)
Source Changes
-srcclean now processes XML & C comments the same, so they can be
 indented but within the comment itself spaces are used. [smf]
-remove extraneous line continuation characters followed by a blank
 line and blank lines that follow an opening brace in c files. [smf]
-i8244.c: Added a device implementation for the i8244/i8245.
 [Wilbert Pol]
-diimage: allow image devices to skip core fopen() of the image's
 filename and handle themselves in call_load() [R. Belmont]
-uimain.c: use slot interface names for filling current values in slot
 menu, because using command line options produces garbage at least on
 OS10.6.8. [Fabio Priuli]
-subsino.c: hopper emulation in stisub, smoto and clones [Luca Elia]
-DSP16: Additional opcodes & disassembly fixes.  [Andrew Gardner]
-n68681: fixed trashing of the serial parameters when ACR is updated.
 [R. Belmont]
-MIDI core updates: [R. Belmont]
  * Add MIDI in and out ports as image device types
  * Add OSD calls to check for and read MIDI input
  * Add MIDI in image device which reads input and converts it to a
    serial bitstream
-d3dhlsl.c: Made HLSL switchable at runtime, Ctrl+Alt+F12. [MooglyGuy]
-MIDI: allow input port to work without a connected real device [R. Belmont]
-First pass on MIDI out support [R. Belmont]
-DSP16 : Additional opcodes.  [Andrew Gardner]
-Hooked up lamps in Virtua Racing.  [SailorSat]
-Added a preliminary boolean flag to MC6845 interface structure: "show
 border area". If true, it will show the whole video area including
 border + blanking areas. [Angelo Salese]
-DSP16: The PC moves on from potentially all used opcodes now.
 [Andrew Gardner]
-MIDI: Fixed several bugs and bumped the input buffer sizes [R. Belmont]
-Lucky'74 (set 2): Proper inputs to reflect the real payrate table. [Roberto Fresca]
-QT Debugger improvements.  [Andrew Gardner]
  * Fixed disassembly window not following PC correctly.
  * Switched font to Courier New since it seems more universal.
  * Fixed gaps between rendered text characters.
  * Plumbed mouse handling through the debugger core (clicking
  * Made the Enter key behave like old SDL debugger; silently steps.
-wwfsstar.c: Correct rom loads for genuine PCBs sets and correct a few rom labels.
 Added the bootleg set and documentation about it. [Brian Troha]
-wwfsstarj - correct program / tx tile roms [Stevebm1, Porchy]
-qix.c - Resolve device references at initialisation where possible [Phil Bennett]
-sharcdsm.c:  [Pavel Semerad]
  * Added omitted direction flags in instruction using both PM() and DM().
  * In instruction with 6bit immediate data, this data is signed value.
    It would be better to show this sign because it is confusing to
    see for example 0x3F which actually means -1 (32bit immed data are
    not confusing as that big values are easy to recognize).
-Bonne Chance!: Worked complete inputs from the scratch. Promoted to
 working. Added some notes. [Roberto Fresca]
-Bonne Chance!: Added proper palette. Now the game seems to get
 accurate colors. Also added some descriptive notes and instructions
 for the service mode. [Roberto Fresca]
-Added many PAL10L8's for balsente.c games.  [Kevin Eshbach]
-Modernised the R3000 core: [Phil Bennett]
  * The following variants are supported: R3041, R3051, R3052, R3071
    and R3081
  * Endianness is now specified by MCFG_R3000_ENDIANNESS() (default is
  * Removed configuration struct. Cache sizes and FPU availability are
    now determined from the CPU type
  * Added state saving
  * Added BrCond input callbacks
-CPS-2 update [Team CPS-1]:
  * Fixed 3 labels in sfa2u
  * Reordered sfz2alj set
-psx: change the rendering back to quads as less people complained about the
 old graphical issues compares to the new ones [smf]
-segas16a.c: Correctly redumped the 317-5021 FD1089B for Sukeban Jansi
 Ryuko [hotgraphics, Song Gao, Bad A Billy, ranger_lennier, Yohji, Smitdogg,
 Charles MacDonald, The Dumping Union]
-psx: uses a devcb2 for cpu to cd controller communication, the address
 decoding is internal to the cpu & the cd controller is on it's own 8
 bit bus. [smf]
-m740: Correct disassembly for bit+zp+rel. offset form of BBC/BBS [R. Belmont]
-psx: Use devcb2 for cpu to spu hookup as it's on it's own 16 bit bus.
 Removed the spu hookup in taitogn at 0x1fa51c00 as it doesn't make
 sense, will wait for bug reports before investigating further. [smf]
-d3dhlsl.c: Add preliminary vector post-processing. [MooglyGuy]
-Improvements to sanremo.c driver... [Roberto Fresca]
  * Graphics decode.
  * Proper ROM load.
  * Accurate memory map.
  * Hooked CPU & interrupts.
  * Added CRTC support.
  * Added AY-3-8910 sound and ports support.
  * Added input ports.
  * Added output-lamps port.
  * Added button-lamps layout.
  * NVRAM support.
-New York Joker: Added inputs, outputs, button-lamps, sound, coin and
 note counters, default NVRAM, and promoted to working...
 Note: To switch between pins/cards, after insert some credits (before bet on
 the game), press HOLD3 to get the graphics option, and use HOLD2 and HOLD4
 to choose the wished set. [Roberto Fresca]
-psx: clamp framebuffer reading to frame buffer coordinates. not sure this
 is accurate, but it stops it crashing when negative coordinates are
 used. [smf]
-ZN update [Team CPS-1]:
  * Confirmed 1 label in sfexu
  * Added a note in sfexa set
-QT Debugger improvements [Andrew Gardner]
  * Save and load window locations.
  * Preliminary work on "run and hide" and "hard reset" (don't crash on
    one of my copmilers but do on another - more work to do!)
  * Fixed color when cursor is the same as PC in debug view.
  * Closing the main window now shuts down the machine (same as quit)
  * Help now wraps to the log window size.
-SDL: Fix srcclean damage in sdl.mak [Wallyweek]
-SDL: Update mame and mess manpages [Wallyweek]
-Protection routines for aliencha [iq_132]
-Implemented missing functions of lordgun's protection routines [iq_132]
-SDL: Fix Qt debugger on Mac OS X [Balrog]
-Fully modernised the TLC34076 device [Phil Bennett]
-xtheball.c: Reduce tag lookups [Phil Bennett]
-CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]:
  * Replaced NM_23.13B in nemoj with proper dump
  * Confirmed 1 label in sf2ue according to the real board
-MIDI: handle MIDI Out with running status properly [R. Belmont]
-Added illegal opcode handling for SH-2 CPU [Angelo Salese]
-Added confirmed PALs from boards matching horshoes, plottingu,
 puzznicj in taito_l, fixing labels when needed.  [Kevin Eshback]
-Modernize the Volume and RC filter sound devices. [Andrew Gardner]
-i386: add tlb [Carl]
-Modernized digitalker, tiaintf, and n63701x sound devices. [Andrew Gardner]
-Konami PPC updates:
  * Fixed sound clocking to match PCB readmes [RetroRepair]
  * Labeled inputs in GTI Club [RetroRepair]
  * RF5c400 envelope timing based on chip output rate instead of MAME
    output rate [R. Belmont]
-SDL: Update manpages to reflect the -lr alias for -listroms
-aviio.c - Fix bad frames occurring on 2GB RIFF splits [Phil Bennett]
-video/gticlub.c: Fixed "sticky" 3D in gticlub and thunderh. [Ville Linde]
-namcops2: Add JVS and Steering I/O board ROMs [Guru]
-uimain.c: fixed handling of slot options which have only internal
 options available (and hence are not configurable by the end-user)
 [Fabio Priuli]
-MIDI: enable transmission of SysEx messages [R. Belmont]
-MIDI: preliminary SysEx reception support [R. Belmont]
-Initial implementation of Ensoniq ES5510 DSP [Christian Brunschen]
-segas18.c: Add correct sound rom (rev b) for the Japan set of Alien
 Storm (verified by 2 different dumpers). [Zozo, system11]
-Modernized iremga20 & k005289 sound devices. [Andrew Gardner]
-arm.c: Add fine page table lvl2 lookup, fixes ldrink fatalerror.
-k001604: Rewrote the ROZ rendering. [Ville Linde]
-clifront.c:  [Peter Ferrie]
  * Faster enumeration during -verifyroms
-idectrl.c:  [Peter Ferrie]
  * Fix regression in Fishin' Frenzy without breaking Area 51 Site 4.
-arm7ops.c: Fixed behavior of SMLAxy opcode. [MooglyGuy]
-arm7ops.c: Fix SMLAL, SMULW, SMLAW opcodes [MooglyGuy]
-Add server socket support instead of just client.
 [SailorSat, R. Belmont]
-State-ized Sega Saturn VDP1 & 2 [Angelo Salese]
-Fixed linescroll for VDP2 bitmap layers [Angelo Salese]
-Various work on the newly added non-working sets including Super Pinball
 Action prototype and Fruit Fresh [David Haywood]
New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Bonne Chance! (French/English)
  [Roberto Fresca, Any, The Dumping Union]
Brixian [David Haywood, Zabanitu]
Number One [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood, Any, The Dumping Union]
New York Joker [Roberto Fresca, David Haywood, Any, The Dumping Union]
New clones added
Tesorone Dell'Isola (Italy, two sets) [any, The Dumping Union]
Jolly Card (Italian, encrypted bootleg, set 2)
  [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Lucky 74 (bootleg, set 2) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Vastar (set 3) [Zab]
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (English bootleg set 3) [RanaElia]
WWF Superstars (bootleg) [Brian Troha]
Jackler (Jungler Bootleg)  [Zab]
T.T.Fitter (bootleg of Roundup)  [Zab]
Super Pool 99 (Version 0.33) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Super Pool 99 (Version 0.26) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Dongfang Bubai protection, bootleg)  [iq_132]
Continental Circus (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
X-Men (4 Players ver AEA) [RevisionX]
Demon Front (68k label V103, ROM M103XX 07/05/02) (ARM label V103, ROM 07/05/02 S103XX)
  [R. Mucciarelli, Layne, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Knights of Valour: Yi Tong Zhong Yuan [XingXing]
Lucky Boom (Hard Times / Hot Mind hardware) [ANY] (not working)
New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Tumble Pop (Playmark bootleg) [ANY] (not working)
Print Club 2 '97 Winter Ver (J 971017 V1.100)
  [f205v, ranger_lennier, dopefishjustin, Yohji, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Rugby? (four roses hardware) [Any, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Super Pinball Action (prototype)
  [TrevEB, f205v, Tormod, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Fruit Fresh [ANY]
Several IGS036 based sets [XingXing]


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