Virtual Jaguar v2.1.0

vj-title让单机版期待了整个2012年的Atari Jaguar模拟器这次终于不挑票了。最新的v2.1.0发表。雅达利的美洲豹号称是世界上第一台64位元游戏机,正是由于这台主机的巨大失败,雅达利这艘从70年代驶来的铁达尼克终于彻底沉没。
由于稀少的产量,Jaguar以及后来的Jaguar CD,成为了收藏家的珍品。俺负责任的和大家说,这货是某宝上买不到的少数几个主机之一。
Virtual Jaguar v2.1.0 Changelog:
* Added gamepad support. [Shamus]
* Added fullscreen option. [Shamus]
* Added some more developer goodies to Alpine mode. [Shamus]
* Re-added command line switches. [Shamus]
* Moved JERRY into host audio IRQ. This should make sound much smoother, though
it may run ahead of the rest of the emulator. [Shamus]
* Kludged a fix into the audio handler to set the correct frequency for audio
playback. Note that there could still be problems with this approach, as it
can be easily fooled. Thanks to Dr. Typo for the initial analysis and insight
into this bug. 🙂 [Shamus]
* Preliminary fixes for proper emulation of memory reads between $200000 and
$800000. [Shamus]
* Proper handling in the OP of objects with 0 IWIDTH. [Shamus]


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