JavAtari v3.00

javatari一个用纯Java写成的Atari 2600模拟器,没有使用任何扩展库,所以你可以在网页上运行它,只要把ROM拖放过去即可。界面不错,很有初代VCS的即视感。

– Unique Client-Server multiplayer mode. Runs great in low-latency networks such as LANs.
– Cheat and turn off Collisions. Finally discover the ending of River Raid!
– Complete Save State/Load State functions.
– Scanlines and TV screen emulation modes.
– Real Atari console user interface.
JavAtari v3.00 Changelog:
– Added support for all major ROM formats/bankswitching schemes
– Format selectable in the Settings Dialog
– Cycle through compatible options in realtime with ALT + B
– DPC support, with enhanced audio option
– Adjustable DPC audio clock (ALT + HOME, ALT + END)
– Several homebrew ROMs now work correctly
– Many accuracy improvements
– Better performance


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