Mednafen v0.9.28 WIP

Mednafen是开源的,使用了OpenGL和SDL技术,所以很多人认为Mednafen在某些主机的精确模拟方面是目前最好的选择,甚至包括了SONY PS。
— 0.9.28-WIP: —
January 13, 2013:
PSX: Corrected lcm_width and lcm_height emulation module structure values(affects QuickTime movie recording).
Fixed a bug in the netplay sound buffer underrun mitigation code that was causing it to only write 1/2 the data it should
be writing when the emulated system has stereo sound output.
Make netplay text line command processing only able to make the netplay text area visible or refresh its visibility, and not
able to hide it; fixes a problem of the netplay text area disappearing before the command response text
(like the disconnect message after /quit) can be seen.
Un-documented Musepack support for ripped CD images as the feature doesn’t get much testing, and the support will eventually
be removed(someday ;)).
Removed some ancient unused members of a debugger-related address space data structure.
Fixed a major bug in the CD image audio decoding code that broke repeated playback of
CD audio tracks that are encoded in files handled by libsndfile(e.g. FLAC, WAV), although it may not have affected all
formats, the problem was noted to occur with FLAC at least.
(The bug is a regression apparently introduced in 0.9.25-WIP)
January 12, 2013:
PCE_FAST: Fixed some problems with the 8bpp palette generation routine.
Don’t compile with -ffast-math anymore, as it was noted to mess up the NES sound resampler code when
__attribute__((cold)) was used on the filter class constructor, to the extent that it was clearly audible.
January 10, 2013:
Don’t needlessly clear the software video buffers to black when changing video modes; fixes the problem of the screen going
black when in frame advance mode and toggling fullscreen.
January 8, 2013:
Fixed a crash(due to a buffer overflow) in Mednafen’s test CD-DA player when sound is disabled.
Fixed recording of QuickTime movies when sound is disabled(it was producing unplayably broken QuickTime files before).
PSX: Added a pseudorandom component to command processing and seek timing, to prevent a lockup in “Legend of Dragoon”.
January 6, 2013:
NES, PCE_FAST: Made limited use of MDFN_COLD.
Added “MDFN_COLD” define, expanding to “__attribute__((cold))” on sufficiently-recent versions of gcc.
NES, PCE_FAST: Implemented 8-bit rendering internally(for ports, not used by Mednafen proper), using static(in the sense
that the palettes won’t change while emulation is in progress) palettes. The limitations of palettized 8bpp don’t
really affect the NES too much in practice, except for at least one homebrew demo. The PC Engine, on the other hand, is
a different story…
January 5, 2013:
PC-FX, VB, PSX: Fixed debugger trace log PC address recording.
VB: Corrected (lack of) disassembly of “di” and “ei” instructions.
PC-FX: Fixed broken VDC-A/VDC-B VRAM read/write aux debugger breakpoint support.
PC-FX: Fixed debugger’s graphics viewer weirdness when viewing transparent KING BG pixels(by forcing them to black).
PC-FX: Fixed totally broken VDC VRAM debugger memory editor functionality
January 4, 2013:
Only rebuild and re-run the 68K core generator program when necessary, hopefully fixing one big problem when doing
a pure cross-compiled build.
January 3, 2013:
Added “SABR”( ) pixel shader, as an option for the *.pixshader settings.
December 24, 2012:
Added “WYSIWYG”-style(except for the “overlay” video.driver) scaled, filtered, maimed, diced, and so forth screen snapshots,
taken with the SHIFT+F9 key
Marked “Insert/Eject disk/disc” key function assigned to key F8 as being “dangerous” and subject to the delay specified by
the “ckdelay” setting, since many games respond very poorly to the disk/disc being ejected in the middle of a disc/disk
December 23, 2012:
Simplified(less multithreaded message moving madness) and moved some driver-side netplay code into the Mednafen core.

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