no$psx v1.1

这个优秀的PS模拟器再次更新。我手里镜像不多,测试了恶魔城月下,非常流畅。其他俺就不知道咧…no$psx和大多数no$模拟器一样都自带了debuger,所以这货已经不是一个单纯的娱乐软件了,它更像是一个软件调试除错工具…所以作者收费也是合理的吧。no$psx v1.1

  • audio: bugfixed right-channel CD-XA stereo decompression (allows xa_mask.bit1)
  • audio: bugfixed left-channel CD-XA stereo decompression (pushes extra offhold)
  • gpu: changed initial texcoord fraction (for ff tactics, but isn’t perfect yet)
  • cdrom: supports images with mixed sector sizes (in different tracks/areas)
  • cdrom: supports libcrypt subchannel data from .sbi, .m3s, .mdf
  • cdrom: supports .cdi (discjuggler) images, supports .ecm file decompression
  • cdrom: supports .mds/.mdf (alcohol) and .ccd/.img (clonecd) images
  • cleanup: removed “uh” warning on nonstandard/pocketstation memcard commands
  • cleanup: removed ‘err80h’ warning on uncommon/inaccurate seek_p cdrom command
  • bios: added “patch_optional_pad_output_inefficient_variant” (lemmings)
  • debug: bugfixed step-over via f3-key (on call/syscall aka jal/jalr/syscal)
  • debug: bugfixed native mips disassembler syntax (use dis_proc_native_retry)
  • setup: moved loadbios_firsttime after loadsetup (using Default BIOS option)
  • help: added subchannel-image chapter (.sbi, .m3s, .mdf, .sub, .cdi, .nrg)
  • help: added .cdi (discjuggler) cd format, and ecm (pseudo-compression) specs
  • help: added .mds/.mdf (alcohol) and .ccd/.img/.sub (clonecd) cd format specs
  • help: added libcrypt info (16bit key, sectors, crc, cop0regs, example, etc.)
  • help: added formerly unknown license strings (JP=”Inc.”,0Ah, US=”Amer ica”)
  • keyboard: removed ALT+X=exit hotkey during emulation (conflicted with joypad)
  • iomap: shows CD-audio playback mode (18900Hz/37800Hz/44100Hz, mono/stereo)
  • setup: allows to disable MMX (just for curiosity/testing purposes)


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