Tiger Arcade v4.0.0 beta for android

前几天俺就说过Tiger的官方网页回来了,果然,元旦礼物来了!很高兴作者没有放弃对安卓的支持。对于注册了旧版本同学注意,以前的存档不等用在新版上。同时由于使用了全新的游戏引擎(我猜是MAME 0.139)如果大家发现原来的ROM不能用了,记得用0.139的rom档试试。

— v4.0.0


– Game engine is updated.

– NEW Net Play (WIFI)  – no lag

– Replay record and playback

– Diag (DIP-Switch)

– Fix Knights of Valour,Knights of Valour 2, Oritental Legend, screen disorder issue after loading states.

– Fix Hook No sound issue

– Updated help for most answered questions.

– Link to Rom Buddy for helping list TOP Played 40 Games.



The ROM and saved states in Tiger Arcade3.x.y is NOT compatible with this version.


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    1. 恩,戳到了痛处,现在支持棒球忍者的安卓模拟器好像只有mame4droid reloaded。暴风小子什么游戏没印象哦



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