M1 2.0 for android

An arcade/pinball machine music emulator. Requires ROM’s that will not be provided by the author. Please support your favorite developers and buy the games you intend to emulate. Many soundtracks are available on CD/cassette/LP and you should buy them!This is a CPU heavy app. 800MHz or better is recommended.
Source code: https://github.com/neko68k/M1-Android
You get .LST file updates from:
You get .XML file updates from:
Known issues:
* Initialising at start-up takes a little while, I don’t think there’s much I can do about it.
* 68000/SCSP games are very slow.
* If you press Stop, you will have to reload the game if you want to continue listening to it. Use pause instead.
– ICS support
– Improved multitasking performance
– Improved notification now displays track name as well as the game title
– Added options
– Added first time installer. Long press on the folder you want to install to. If you are upgrading, select the folder that _contains_ your m1 folder, not the m1 folder itself. Nothing will be overwritten. M1 Android now includes the xml and lists and will put them in the following folders:


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