aFBA v1.1 : Final Burn Alpha for Android

  • 1.0 release note
    • First BETA online !
    • Free full versions are uploaded here, and will be up to date with donation version on the market (both are exactly the same applications).
    • Still a lot of work to do (see todo list next)
    • Should be compatible since android 2.2 (froyo, api 8), but only tested on ICS and Jelly Bean (4.0+)
    • Be aware, if you say yes to download games screenshots and icons when prompted, i will take a lot of time to decompress (6500 screens, 120MB), here it can take around 20 minutes on my galaxy note !
    • If you want to support my work, you can donate by buying the application on the market! :…mydedibox.afba
  • 1.1 release note
    • fix layout orientation change on rom detail view
    • found a better approach for icons and screenshots handling
    • improved sound output
    • improved speed
  • 1.2 release note (WIP)
    • fixed emulator sleep/pause
    • fix a bug when returning to rom list with changed orientation (tablet’s)
    • fix emulator crash on start for device before 4.0 (froyo, gingerbread)
  • TODO
    • fix layout orientation change on rom detail view -> Done in 1.1
    • find a better approach to data extraction (screenshots, icons) -> Done in 1.1
    • fix controls for vertical games
    • fix sleep -> Done in 1.2
    • ability to delete save states
    • improve sound output -> in 1.1
    • improve joystick vertical layout
    • hardware controls
    • custom on screen stick configuration


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