FB Alpha Shuffle v2.3.0 (2012/06/19)

很久以前我就说过,好的emulator是不死的。这个FBAS就是明证。Final Burn终止了,FB Alpha上,FBA不动弹了,FB Alpha Shuffle就来了。我相信哪一天FBAS也没气了,还会有FBASXXX跟上的 XD

不多说了,FBAS加入了很多已经不动弹的先辈没有的功能,值得推荐一下 (BTW:我在感谢名单里看到了Emuman-楚江,呵呵):
– added AVI recorder and input macro. [Gangta, emufan]
– added support translated game name list in game selection dialog. [Sho, 800]
you can import game names from mamep.lst while exporting gamelist. (put mamep.lst under fbas.exe or config dir)
– added IPS v4 support from MAMEPlus!. (Thanks to Emuman, emufan)
– added image menu from MAMEPlus!. (Thanks to Emuman, kkez)
– added select background image and select random image functions.
– added set misc paths and improved UI for game selection dialog.
– added save preset and save default input mapping, file is saved in config/presets.
– added some custom images in .\res folder, you can replace these images with what you like.
– added display score, select, gameover, boss snapshot to game selection dialog.
– added support archived preview image (zip or 7z).
(name it: snap, titles, flyers, score, select, boss, gameover. ext = zip/7z).
– added load cheat from archive file (name it: cheat.zip/7z), also added cheat select/reload.
– added filters in game selection dialog. (it also can filter the custom translated game names)
(type “lamer” in the filter and it will show unavailable/missing sets)
you can edit “user-filter” value in fbas.xml to define your filter string, separate with semicolon.
– added save favorite games (the file is in config/favorites.ini).
– added “Undo” for input recordings, “Rewind” for input recording playback. [blip]
– added adjustable emulation speeds (shift + +/-) and frame counter display. [blip]
– added a simple jukebox for neogeo, cps1/2 games. (Thanks to CaptainCPS-X, iq_132)
(put sound.dat of caname in .\config folder with UTF-8 encode)
– added 7-Zip support. (http://www.7-zip.org/)
– added XAudio2 sound output. (need install new DirectX runtime/SDK)
– added OpenAL sound output.
– added OpenGL, GDI, Direct2D video output.
– added select audio device and select display adapter.
– added autofire support, you can set the autofire delay value in input mapping dialog.
(autofire only affects normal buttons, doesn’t support direction and macro buttons)
– added custom button feature. (Map Game Inputs ==> Custom buttons)
– added configurable hotkeys. (Thanks to mauzus)
– changed the emulator will not depend on kailleraclient.dll.
You can put kailleraclient.dll in the same directory as the emulator if you want to netplay.
– changed all romsets to match MAME Plus!.
– removed many rarely-used features from official FBA.
– Many thanks to OopsWare (http://oopsware.googlepages.com/) for porting PGM, CPS3 and many other drivers to FBA.
FB Alpha Shuffle v2.3.0 (2012/06/19)
– readded DirectDraw video driver for whom still uses very old PC.
– fixed crash when exitting DirectDraw fullscreen mode in win7.
– fixed autofire will be turned off after playing with kaillera.



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